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HCHCis a private,non-profit corporation that admits students of allraces, creeds, andnational origin. We’re committed to serving families whosupport home education, itsvalues and philosophy.

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1) TUITION/FEES: Tuition costs range from $135-$215/per student.* (before applied sibling discounts).  A $30 service fee will be charged for returned checks. 2) ADMIN FEE: (per family with up to 4 children) -- A non-refundable $35 facility fee is required at the beginning of each semester. -- A non-refundable $20 supplies/materials fee is required at the beginning of each semester.  3) PROVISIONAL PERIOD:  HCHC uses the first (4) four weeks to determine if a student can excel in the learning environment. 4) MEDICATION: HCHC encourages parents to administer medication to their child(ren) prior to attending classes/events. 5) LATE PICK-UP: If you have an emergency and cannot pick-up your child, please contact the administrator at(802) HCH-C099.  -- A $25 late pick-up fee is incurred for every 20 minutes you’re late to pick-up your child. 6) DISENROLLMENT:  HCHC reserves the right to disenroll students for any violation of the CODE OF CONDUCT.  7) WITHDRAWAL:  Seven (7) day written notice must be submitted prior to a student’s withdrawal.  We do not pro-rate, refund or transfer tuition/fees for withdrawn students. 8) ABSENTEEISM: Full tuition is due regardless of absenteeism. 9) MAIL-IN REGISTRATION:  We accept “paper” registration postmarked by August 15th.  Refunds for tuition are issued when class minimums (8) aren’t met.  Full classes will be announced by September 1st.
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